Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sister love

Well, my sister Ginny has been back in the US for about two weeks now, but I’m still thanking the Lord for her visit. Having Ginny here was so great. She was my first visitor from home in the six months that I’ve lived here, and her arrival for me was a sort of strange but mostly wonderful moment where my separate worlds – My American world where I have many friends and family and feel comfortable and known, and my Kenyan world where I’m still new and am struggling to build good relationships and find my niche – collided.

During her visit I tried to find a good balance of letting Ginny participate in my “daily routine” and doing some special, tourist-type activities. Ginny helped me move into my new office, accompanied me on some sponsorship outings, participated in the community women’s bible study at The Boys’ Home, helped me do some shopping at the "exotic" local vegetable market, and enjoyed some time in the warm Kenyan sun while I worked. We also visited the animal orphanage, enjoyed lunch at some local “mzungu” restaurants, went on long walks down by the river, watched movies with some of the older girls and spent a night at “the Ark”, a guesthouse in the middle of the Aberdare national forest. Ginny has posted some photos of her time here on her facebook page. Here’s the link to her album: http://www.facebook.com/#!/media/set/?set=a.10150595687848333.381390.536033332&type=3

Ginny’s visit came at a perfect time for me, as I’ve been feeling a little lonely in recent weeks. I’m still working on building friendships with the kids and staff here, but it’s going much slower than I would like it to, and having my sister here – someone who knows me well and who I don’t have to “try” with - was so refreshing.

Thank God for family!

More to come soon…..

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