Saturday, October 22, 2011


I’ve arrived! Nothing too extraordinary to report about my journey. Everything went very smoothly, and I was warmly received on the other side of security in Nairobi by the two missionary women here, Ruth and Brittany, and two of the older boys who had come with them as travelling companions and self-proclaimed ‘body guards’. We spent the night in a hotel in Nairobi, and the next morning visited a shopping center before beginning the 3 hour drive to the Karundas Center – my new home.

The first few days have been very low key. My orientation schedule calls for 4 days of rest before I can begin any training or work, so I’ve been settling into my room, getting to know Ruth and Brittany, my new co-workers/roommates, and meeting some of the children and staff here. The Kids are wonderful - really sweet and funny. Within my first 15 minutes with them, one began asking me how to say different words in Spanish (which I answered as best I could), two fought for space on my lap, and another peppered me with random questions like “have you read Thumbalina?”, “what country is to the west of yours?” and “have you ever held a gun?”

Thank you so much to all who have been praying for me, and for the wonderfully encouraging emails. I hope to write a longer post soon.

A few prayer requests:

·         Wisdom and insight as I work to make my place here and build relationships with the children and staff.

·         Continued health and energy for all the newness in my life

·         That I will continue to look to the LORD for my strength

·         That I will find ways to be an encouragement to the people with whom I have come to work and serve

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